Bonamy Waddell

I am the Founding Director of Bon Insight, bringing 20 years’ experience to help companies tell stories about their numbers. My expertise in marketing and in data analysis means I understand numbers as well as the need to tell a compelling story. I deliver impartial, evidence-based insights on your numbers by taking your data, playing with it, finding patterns and delivering the real truth behind them. I’m not a data geek, I’m not a data scientist – I’m a marketing person who loves numbers and can explain them in a way that engages.

I have been working for global agencies in business development & marketing for over 20 years. I specialise in all forms of data analysis – recent client projects include employee engagement analysis and recommendations, website survey analysis, CRM database audience profiling, new business performance & analysis and more.

Comfortable working across all teams, I turn the insights, trends or stories from any given data set into actionable outcomes and strategies to help businesses grow. My previous experience has given me a strong understanding of working across different sectors and services.

Bon Insight was founded in 2017 to help businesses to really understand their data and use that insight to improve business performance. Together, we can deliver impartial insight from your data to turn your ‘hunch’ into a solid case.