Helping businesses grow by delivering insight from their data

Helping businesses grow by delivering insight from their data

Delivering actionable insight from your data in 3 simple steps:

1. Explore

The Audit Phase:
exploring what information & business intelligence you have available.

This might include:

  • CRM database
  • Excel spreadsheet records
  • Web & social analytics
  • Trends tools
  • Email marketing
  • Surveys – employee-related or external research-based
  • Sales Pipeline and lead generation tools
  • Budget spend
  • Competitions

2. Uncover

The Analysis Phase:
digging in to the data to see what insights can be uncovered.

This might include:

  • Trends
  • Gaps
  • Cycles
  • Sources
  • Leads
  • Opportunities

…and beyond, in order to make data-driven, evidence-based recommendations.

3. Create

The Delivery Phase:
creating & delivering a marketing strategy, report or other, backed by data.

This might include:

  • Survey analysis to deliver a report
  • Solutions for reaching a new audience
  • Gap or competitor analysis
  • A white-paper backed by insights
  • Content to be pushed out, supported by facts and figures
  • Recommendations for speaker opportunities
  • Conversion rate performance
  • Lead generation strategy….and more!

Lots of data, but not sure what to do with it? Get in touch and we can talk it through together.

Examples of Recent Work

Data strategy
Competitor Analysis

Standing out as a global branding and design agency today means differentiating. Our branding and design client wanted to understand their competitors offer in order to support their positioning strategy. We completed an audit of each of our client’s global & local competitors, analysing areas such as tone-of-voice, services, clients, visibility, speaker opportunities. These findings were developed into a set of repositioning recommendations, helping to keep our client relevant, at the same time as moving their brand forward. The recommendations were delivered to the Board and marked the start of the company’s journey to reposition themselves in a competitive global market.


New audiences
Customer analysis

A nationwide veterinary practice wanted to grow their customer base across all of their UK practices. To do this effectively, they wanted to profile their existing customers. By analysing their customer database (through extracting and cleaning the data) and segmenting it (sex, age, pets, location, and so on), we uncovered insights on their existing customers. But we also found ‘gaps’ – those pet owners who they weren’t managing to reach. This allowed us to create and deliver a marketing strategy targeting both their existing customers but also the ‘gaps’ – resulting in an increase in new clients across all practices.

Survey analysis

A global management consultancy required detailed data analysis of their bi-annual customer survey, in order to create a thought leadership report to help maintain their reputation as a market expert. The analysis was completed for over 200 respondents, cutting the data in different ways to deliver deeper insights and trends.

A recruitment consultancy needed a brand refresh. To understand current perception, they sent surveys to three key audiences – their employees, their candidates and their clients. We analysed the results and delivered key findings and recommendations, to support their new brand development.

Client Testimonials

Lucie Coxon, Head of Marketing & Student Admissions, Greater Brighton MET College

“We approached Bonamy to do some in-depth analysis on Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) and student recruitment trends to inform our curriculum planning process, not having analyst skills in-house. She fully engaged with the project right from the start and suggested lots of ways to refine and improve the curriculum reports. She carried out a very detailed analysis of several complex datasets and produced 16 reports, which were well researched, written and presented and easy to understand for non-data savvy staff members. The reports will be invaluable in deciding on the future strategic direction of the College and also include lots of information which will be used for marketing our courses. Bonamy is a pleasure to work with, she really took time to understand what we were trying to achieve with the reports and went above and beyond with her own research to make them as useful for us as possible. I would recommend her highly and hope to work with her again in the future.”

Alex Blyth, Co-Founder & Editorial Director, Red Setter

“When we needed an expert to do some in-depth research on behalf of our key clients, Bonamy delivered above and beyond expectations. She worked closely with us to help develop and interpret the brief, conducting rigorous and detailed desk research as well as intelligent and insightful analysis. She was a key part of our team as we presented findings and recommendations to the client, and added significant value throughout the process. The result was an enhanced relationship with our client and an expanded brief for our agency. Bonamy delivered high quality research and analysis, provided senior level advice and analysis, and was not only credible and engaging in front of our client, but a lot of fun for our team to work with too. We look forward to working with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone else.”

Dan Young, Director, Shed Research

“I worked with Bonamy from Bon Insight on a fast turnaround data analysis project. She tackled a very complex data set with ease. And she was quickly able to interpret what the client needed. The results are being published so we needed both quality thinking and accuracy. She didn’t disappoint. Bonamy was a joy to work with and I hope we’ll be working together again soon!”

Freccia Benn, Co-Founder & Operations Director, Accounting for Energy

“Bonamy is a joy to work with. She is well organised and dependable and has the ability to understand new ideas and concepts within different sectors quickly. Her understanding of business development is excellent and I would recommend working with her as a business consultant.”

Rhea Gargour, Co-Founder, By Day

“Working with Bonamy was fantastic. Not only did she grasp the needs of the business quickly but she was also able to help us target the right audiences effectively, ensuring excellent results. It was a pleasure to work with her and I will definitely be doing so again!”